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Why MS-Office is taking so long time to start?

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Why MS-Office is taking so long time to start?

Postby smithleooo on 12 Jun 2019, 13:01

Sometimes, the user may face certain errors like-

Sorry! It looks like you’re on a slow connection..

Office is taking a really long time to install.

MS-Office appears to hang during the install.

You may feel to cancel the installation but before that try some procedure to solve the issues you’re facing for so long. The below solutions will differ according to your using browser. For installing MS-Office for PC, try the following given steps as follows:

Step 1-Restart your system and check whether PC is installed properly.

The Office setup may be completed by the time you put it or clicked on restart button. So you need to check after you restart your PC, whether MS-Office got installed properly.

Step 2-Try wired connection

If Office setup isn’t install properly, try to reinstall the app by plug-in into some wired connection. This may help you in speeding up the installation process because a wired connection is usually runs faster than a wireless connection.

Step 3-Install MS-Office using the offline installer, if you’re facing slow internet connection.

The Office.com/setup offline installer may help to bypass potential proxy, firewall, antivirus, or Internet connection issues that may happen during an Office 2016 installation. **

Step 4- Temporarily turn off Antivirus Software.

To get the information related to how to actually temporarily turn off antivirus software, you need to check the resp. antivirus manufacturer’s website. Uninstallation of the resp. antivirus software can also help in resolving your issues. But don’t forget to reinstall the same, after MS-Office finishes installing and turn on, from turn off option.
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