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Not overlapping - pass the FDA "Twilight"

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Not overlapping - pass the FDA "Twilight"

Postby limited on 18 Jan 2021, 09:12

Not overlapping - pass the FDA "Twilight", recite the spell "Pattaya" move forward Buy the COVID-19 vaccine


Must accept the atmosphere of the country during this time Many people may not be very interested in politics. slotxo But now everyone is focusing on solving the problem of most stomach problems. Especially when the country comes back to face problems Wave 2 outbreak of COVID-19 despite not even having to announce a nationwide lockdown like the first round But must admit that This act of doom Is really serious

Of course, everyone here, including the Prime Minister, the Minister, the civil servant, the merchant, and every business person in society can Hope And waiting for the COVID-19 vaccine that the government insists on, or even recalls, that the first 200,000 doses of the vaccine entered Thailand around February 2021 and believe that it will gradually improve the situation.

That's foreign news But in Thailand now No one will deny "The sooner the better the vaccine," but aside from concerns about the effectiveness of the vaccine. Another point that is in the interest of not solving each other is the case that the "Big Tu government" made it clear that Encourage local government organizations with potential to use the existing budget. You can purchase the COVID-19 vaccine yourself, but you need to be certified. Of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) first
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