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Here’s how the coronavirus divides us

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Here’s how the coronavirus divides us

Postby ritcha on 22 Mar 2020, 08:50

When it comes to the coronavirus, we’re learning not all of us are equal. Celebrities, some elites (remember that word ‘some’) and NBA stars—even boorish ones—can get tested straight away, while everyone else is being denied, even many with symptoms.Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were tested. Idris Elba was tested. Sean Payton was tested. The entire Utah Jazz’s NBA team was tested, using half of the state of Oklahoma’s daily allotment of test kits—this after the Jazz’s Rudy Gobert previously mocked fears of the virus by intentionally touching microphones at a press conference. (Nice.) Kevin Durant was also tested along with Nets teammates and many other NBA teams. And 100 or so wealthy New Yorkers belonging to Sollis Health, a so-called medical concierge service, were able to obtain tests with ease. Sollis, you should know, offers “house calls, with a portable X-ray machine, to our members in the Hamptons during the summer months.” (Of course it does.)Now I sincerely wish all the best and a speedy recovery to any of those aforementioned folks who are ill. And if they had symptoms when they requested a test, they 100% should have been tested. But I’m also saying that others, i.e., many thousands of Americans with symptoms who are being denied testing should be tested too. They should not be a lower priority. “This whole crisis is like an X-ray revealing the inner workings of the social/economic structures,” says Nelson Lichtenstein, professor of history at the University of California, Santa Barbara. more >>slotxo
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