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The vast majority group just kinda does exactly what they n

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The vast majority group just kinda does exactly what they n

Postby Sunxuemei on 17 Feb 2021, 02:02

There is also New Horizons Items the racial power dynamic -- white founders have a simpler time breaking into creative industries which are currently full of white people. If a white founder makes something showcasing another civilization, it might be a positive force of representation but finally it's a lot of white people profiting off of a historically oppressed tradition.

Ultimately, the space buns item was pointless and unbelievably harmful, but I think it's important to comprehend the kernel of truth in there and understand why people may be upset.I find this particularly funny coming from people in the US. When I was a child, one of the focal points for Western Exceptionalism was that the"cultural melting pot" thing, where the US is the best place ever because so many cultures come together and contribute cool things. Virtually everything we've been appropriated from someplace or other.

The vast majority group just kinda does exactly what they need, using a fairly poorly defined identity. . They have decided they do not care about ancestral origins, do not have a carefully unique cultural financing, and don't mind. Because of having zero possession concern in the cultural components they use, they don't care about appropriation in the smallest (and often don't know why others might).

Minority groups coming from heavy traditions can accompany them. Surface-level parts could be appropriated, but the underlying culture is far too complicated for that. If a white girl puts on a Chinese dress and beverages some green tea, that's a far shot from a tea ceremony that requires about as much research to get right as a Master Electrician license. In general members will be happy to export their culture, and do not feel threatened that they won't have anything distinctive and particular of their own. You have to be actively disrespectful with the appropriation to cause anger;"I like buy Animal Crossing Items and I need it" is a legitimate reason to copy.
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Re: The vast majority group just kinda does exactly what they n

Postby warfool on 13 Mar 2021, 16:54

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