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dedicate server

Post any problems related to the beta version of Zero Ballistics

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dedicate server

Postby Diden05 on 22 Dec 2010, 11:22

Hello, I have a problem:

Code: Select all
Trying to contact ranking server ...
failed to connect to ...
                 ERROR: Connect () call failed for quanticode.dyndns.org: 23,509
failed to connect to UNASSIGNED_SYSTEM_ADDRESS ...
                 ERROR: Failed to contact authentication server.
                 ERROR: Authorization with ranking server failed. Player stats will not be updated.

In the configuration:

Code: Select all
    <section name="ranking_server">
        <variable name="hosts" value="[ranking.fullmetalsoccer.com;quanticode.dyndns.org]" type="vector<string>" />
        <variable name="ports" value="[23509;23509]" type="vector<unsigned>" />

    <section name="master_server">
        <variable name="host" value="master.fullmetalsoccer.com" type="string" />
        <variable name="port" value="23505" type="unsigned" />
        <variable name="heartbeat_interval" value="180" type="unsigned" />
    <section name="server.announcer">
        <variable name="messages" value="[]" type="vector<string>" />

    <section name="server.settings">
        <variable name="name" value="Free ZB Server" type="string" />
        <variable name="listen_port" value="23700" type="unsigned" />
        <variable name="max_connections" value="10" type="unsigned" />
        <variable name="time_limit" value="300"     type="float" console="1" />
        <variable name="bot_limit" value="1" type="unsigned" />
        <variable name="login_name"   value="official_ded" type="string"/>
        <variable name="login_passwd" value="testpasswd"     type="string"/>
        <variable name="map_names" value="[[dm_almrausch;TeamDeathmatch]]" type="vector<vector<string> >" />

how to solve?
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Re: dedicate server

Postby Michael on 22 Dec 2010, 13:22


currently there is no ranking server implementation for Zero Ballistics, just ignore the error message. It shouldn't have any impact on the game.

kind regards,
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Re: dedicate server

Postby Diden05 on 22 Dec 2010, 13:49

Michael wrote:currently there is no ranking server implementation for Zero Ballistics

It is a pity, as planned?
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Re: dedicate server

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Re: dedicate server

Postby sienawilliam on 07 Jun 2018, 09:26

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