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Applying the Business Product Life Cycle to Careers, Relatio

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Applying the Business Product Life Cycle to Careers, Relatio

Postby mathewjohn on 28 Mar 2020, 06:51

You can start by listing yourself on Dream Sculpting Review networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook or MySpace. There are other sites available out there, but these are the most popular. LinkedIn positions itself as a network for professionals of any age. You can post your resume, link up with past and present colleagues and associates, and probably not find any drunken party pictures.Facebook, positioned more as a social network for professionals, typically attracts the over 30 crowd. Here you can also post a resume and link up with past and present colleagues and associates. My research on this topic indicated that you might find some drunken party pictures here.

MySpace on the other hand, is arguably the most popular social networking site on the net and is primarily aimed at people under 30. It has a wide following and is used by individuals and groups who want to widen their appeal as well as others with unique talents who want broad exposure. With a wink and a nudge I say this site is also a resource if you are looking for pictures of young people having a great time. But like I stated earlier, human resource departments search the internet for profiles, photos and other information to learn about and judge prospective new employees.

So it is especially important to think about what you post as your current job or future job search could be affected accordingly. Remember, once you post information online, you can't take it back. One of my fears is many of today's young people will come to regret in their later years what they have posted in their younger years.

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