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Why the Epidemic of Childhood Type 2 Diabetes is Not the Chi

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Why the Epidemic of Childhood Type 2 Diabetes is Not the Chi

Postby goldstone on 20 May 2019, 11:49

If trends continue as they have, Blood Balance Formula Reviews one in three Americans will develop diabetes during his or her lifetime. According to the Centers for Disease Control, today about 24 million Americans have diabetes already, and another 57 million have diabetes signs and symptoms, or it's precursor, prediabetes.For women, the disease can be a risk to both mother and child during a pregnancy as well as raising her risk of having a heart attack, at an earlier age.And while the numbers of cases are growing, the public perception of this dangerous, life-altering condition continues to be full of myths and half-truths. Having the answers to some of the most basic questions will help you, or someone in your life, understand the disease better.

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that attacks insulin creating cells in the pancreas, most often diagnosed in those under 18, though it can strike at any age and calls for insulin to manage your condition. In type 2 diabetes the body loses its sensitivity to insulin, and while this form was once more common in older people, thanks to today's rising obesity rates its now being found in people of younger ages. Type 2 is usually treated with changes to diet and exercise, sometimes oral medications or insulin.

While diabetes can cause no symptoms, most often the signs that might signal this condition are frequent thirst and hunger, having to pee more than usual (since you're drinking more), losing weight without trying, fatigue and irritability. To be sure, you'll need to undergo a fasting blood test to measure the amount of sugar in your blood after not eating for at least eight hours. Normal readings are 99 mg/dL or lower; prediabetic levels range from 100-125 mg/dL and diabetes is any number over 126.

Yes, if you have a close family member with the disease your own risk is higher. The risk of type 1 diabetes goes up by about 5%, for type 2 the risk increases by more than 30%.Absolutely. Extra fat about your waistline is linked to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. Fat in this area, more so than in other parts of the body, increases insulin resistance, part of the trouble for type 2 diabetics. Being obese (or even overweight) can raise your risk of type 2 diabetes by more than 90 times. Perhaps the pancreas just can't keep up with a bigger body.

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